About the creators
Sara, creator of In awe, grew up on an island in Norway. With a vision set abroad to pursue the possibilities in making a positive difference in the world, through a label. Sara and her husband Dj met in Hawaii, where he is born and raised, and is where we live. 

Our roots go deep. From a small island off the west coast of Sweden to an island in Norway, to where we are based - the island of Oahu, Hawaii. My grandfather Stellan grew up in Sweden. As an entrepreneur he had the visionary mindset and willingness to see that all his goals became reality. Pictured is some of my absolute favourite family photos of him taken during the 50's through the 70's. These are the eras you will see reflected in all our future modern designs. The timelessness and slower pace of living is shown in all our designs, down to every detail of the process.

I see our roots meet the simplicity of life in Hawaii bridge between two eras and two cultures. Then, and now. Scandinavia and Hawaii. I am becoming aware of our similarities in our outlook on life and stepping into his footsteps with resilience to not let go or stop pursue my passions, despite life’s challenges.