In awe is committed to creating a space for people to shop sustainably, with our planet and people in mind. Our vision is to see a conscious minded people encouraged to hold and practice a responsible lifestyle. People who question what, how and where to buy. 

Our modern collection is made of some of the most eco-friendly fabrics out there. We design and create small batches only, to support a slow movement within fashion. Mindful purchasing leads to less waste. We invite you to invest in timeless, relaxed pieces that allow you to wear them through and through. 

The most sustainable piece of clothing is the one already in existence. Our vintage collections are sourced where we live, as well as on our travels, giving you a unique and handpicked selection of pieces. 

Transparency is key in aiming to be as sustainable of a label as possible and inspire you to live the same way. We ensure all orders are both packaged and shipped in 100% recycled materials. This means the bags and boxes we ship your orders with are entirely made up from waste. This goes for the wrapping paper, shipping labels, "Thank You" notes and Hang tags used.

We are always looking for ways to further grow and love your input! Feel free to ask us anything,