The ever so lovely Elle-louise Burguez of @elle__musa in front of some of her many paintings, here in Byron Bay wearing In awe vintage. We have been graced by her raw and natural take on art, music and her overall being. We spoke to her about her life as an artist, what she’d like to see changed in the world and her favourite vintage pieces!


Where are you currently based? Different from where you are raised?

I’m currently in Byron Bay for an Artist Residency but I am based on the Sunshine Coast near the beach! I was raised between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.


What does your every-day look like?

For me it changes most days. When I’m working it’s some kind of workout in the morning and a smoothie. Then I will paint all day and listen to podcasts or I will be recording or writing music. On my days off I will either read and relax or will be seeing friends or going to the beach.

Click play to listen to 'Coco Honey You And I' from her latest release 'sun, sun, sun'.


Where do you look for inspiration in your music and art?

Sometimes comes to me whilst in nature or in random bursts. When I am looking for it I mostly seek out images of ancient art from Persia, Egypt, Greece and India. Looking at beautiful architecture and design inspires me as well.


Favourite vintage piece in your wardrobe?

My In Awe silk shirts, a lime green Valentino blouse I found in Napoli and a rainbow silk dress I found in London.


Anything you’re truly passionate about?

My art and music and love.


All time favourite music artist?

Astrud Gilberto and many more.


 What’s something you’d like to see changed in the world?

Their are so many things I want to see changed I don’t think I can list them all. I’d like to witness the world become a more connected, loving, accepting and kind place- void of all evil and greed.

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