We have been getting to know Vianca of @viancasoleil — one of the most beautiful creative directors and people we have had the pleasure to meet online. You may already have seen her stunning images showcasing a sustainable, simple living floating around on IG, and have been left inspired? Well, so are we. Last year we asked her some questions and are excited to share with you. Keep on reading to get to know her on a deeper level, learn her music taste and even a favorite vintage piece.


Where are you from? 

It’s been over a year since I moved to the small island of Puro in Romblon, Philippines.


What made you build a home on a secluded island in the Philippines? 

Living in a small hut by the sea has always been a dream of mine, kind of like an end goal. I was based mostly in cities and lived that fast-paced 9-5 life for years. Coming to Puro is my attempt to slow down while still being able to pursue my creative passions. We’re currently building Unna, our family beach home which I designed, both the interior and architecture.


Do you have a specific morning routine? 

My mornings always start by the shore, appreciating the sunrise while reflecting and planning the day. Then I either go for a run or swim. On weekends, I either wake up extra early for a sunrise hike or have a lazy morning and stay in.  


Where do you look for inspiration in life and for your art? 

Before moving to the island, I get most of my inspiration from traveling, seeing art and people watching. I especially love exploring remote villages. Nowadays, the island is my big inspiration. From its natural beauty to its simple way of life. 


Do you have a favorite vintage piece, if so what’s the story behind it? 

This 80s mother of pearl evening clutch from my mom. It’s only now I realized it’s almost 40 years old! I rarely have attachment to things but this is a piece worth holding on to because it sparked my love for the ocean.


What does your average day look like? 

We’re still in the building phase so most of my time goes into overseeing the work and maintaining the property. It’s been so slow though due to the pandemic restrictions but this has given me some extra time for photography work, something I’m also very passionate about. Our days on the island are mostly spent outside and when I’m not working, I usually paddle out to sea or catch up with my loved ones in the city.


Anything you’re truly passionate about? 

Creating and social work. Expressing myself in any form of art is a passion I got from my mother. As for my father, he instilled in me to live a life in service to others. My goal with Unna is to merge the two, to keep creating and also have the community benefit from this project.


All time favorite music artist? 

It’s hard to choose just one! I like mostly electronic, new wave and french rap. Toto is probably my all time fave because it brings back a lot of childhood memories with my siblings.



What is something you’d like to see changed in the world? 

This is such a big question and there’s so much we could change. Nature deserves to be on top of the list. We should’ve been most careful from the very start.

Vianca is wearing our vintage hat and bags. More vintage straw goods under 'Accessories'.

All images shot by Vianca for the journal.